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First time ever on a charter fishing boat and it was awesome. The Smarter Website team was treated to a most awesome day charter by Steve and his boat crew. I have never been out at sea for a day or fished prior to coming up to Exmouth in April.

shark_eaten_fishThe entire day was just fantastic! Setting out into the wide blue wonder was just gorgeous. The Blue Horizon crew were most proficient and fun to hang with for the day. Once we had arrived at a fishing spot we were given the run down on what to do and off we went lowering our lines right down to the bottom. The excitement of getting nibbles and then trying to super quickly wind up the line was just great. And then we had sharks trying to get our fish, that in itself was just unreal.

first_fish_of_the_dayEach and every one of us managed to catch something of splendour. And you have never tasted such awesome fish as this … Spanish Mackeral, Red Emporer, Coral Trout, Tuna, Spangled Emperor to name some of the fish we caught.

A highlight for the team was seeing Max the 14 year old deckhand wrestle with a shark that had grabbed our catch. He managed to pull the partially shark eaten fish from its mouth. What an amazing sigh that was.

The team on the Blue Horizon supply all the equipment and clean, fillet and bag all the catch for us to take home. We had a ton of fish to take home at the end of the day and oh what a feast we have had. Nothing beats fish caught fresh from the sea! An absolutely top day and I would recommend hooking up with Blue Horizon charters for your next sea adventure.

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Corey Emery

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