Yet another great day on the ocean…

Hi there everyone, We had a fishing charter on Friday 14th March, we where out for another wicked day fishing on the North West Cape. At around 10.00am, in 35 meters depth, it was a complete glass off when out of no we’re a sailfish was dancing on top of the water about 20 feet from the boat! I soon realised that Dan one of the blokes on charter had hooked it when he was winding his line up to check his bait! We got it to the side of the boat grabbed its bill and pulled it over the side, we took some pictures of the amazing fish and got it back in to the water fast as we could. This a rare occasion as sailfish are commonly caught by trawling with lures, no doubt this was an experience Dan will never forget! In the afternoon we got onto some nice spangled emperor and other species of fish. To see more photos of fish caught on our day trips go to our Facebook page ….

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Corey Emery

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